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Get to know us

Get to know us

We aim to be your most important contribution to a sustainable future

It is our common responsibility to take actions that contribute to a sustainable development for the coming generations on this planet. That’s why we have this sentence as our promise to our customers. We want to be their most important contribution to a sustainable future. How we do it?

By acting like a partner who is oriented towards our clients needs. We want to be present for them, show them insight and give them confidence.  

Offices in eight European cities

Offices in eight European cities

Energy across borders

You can visit our offices in Germany (Berlin and Munich), Switzerland (Zurich), Sweden (Stockholm and Gothenburg) and Norway (Oslo, Arendal and Kristiansand). But you´ll find our customers almost all over the world.

Entelios is a major player within the sale of Guarantees of Origin for producers of hydropower, wind and solar energy and in and outside Europe. That’s why you´ll find our customers from USA in the west to Singapore in the east.

Our 120 dedicated employees strive to make the world a better place every day.



7 billion 
NOK yearly turnover

Agder Energi

Agder Energi

Agder Energi is Norway’s third largest energy group in terms of hydroelectric production.

We are a part of Agder Energi

Entelios is fully owned by Agder Energi, a leading Norwegian hydropower company based in the south of Norway (Agder), with history and experience that goes back a hundred years. Today Agder Energi has growing international operations.

The company is a visionary and forward-thinking player in a European market that is being shaped by climate policy and profound technological changes, and where Norwegian hydropower represents valuable business opportunities.  Agder Energy develops market solutions for the future through partnerships with leading technology players and though ownership positions in European companies.

Entelios is an important part of this development.


Compliance in Entelios

In all our operations we will comply with applicable laws, act in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner, practice good corporate governance and respect internationally recognized human rights principles.

Tove Karlsen Westbye, Compliance Manager

Every day, our management and employees work together to create a compliance culture throughout our value chain. This is important in order to provide the best service to our customers.