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Entelios – about us

Entelios is a leading provider of innovative energy solutions and power supply models in the nordics.

We offer technological and strategic solutions for a greener operation to both large and small companies. Achieving a sustainable, electric dependant society requires comprehensive action from all of us – but with significantly increasing consumption, businesses in particular must make the right choices. Entelios aims to be a reliable, comprehensive, and deeply knowledgeable partner to public and private companies in their mission to reach their climate goals.

Entelios – en ledende aktør

We help companies to make a simpler transition to sustainable operations while also finding the best power agreements for their needs.

The transition to a fully electric and renewable society, as well as the decrease of carbon-based energy production, will impact all industries. To implement the necessary structural changes to address the climate crisis with sustainable measures, we require a flexible approach to energy use and innovative technology

Entelios is a partner for companies that wish to reduce their energy consumption. We create flexibility and develop fully automated solutions that benefit both companies and society.

Entelios is responsible for 23 TWh a year; a customer portfolio of electricity consumption equivalent to 1.3 million households.

Our customer portfolio consists of businesses with low energy consumption, as well as large Nordic groups with high consumption and complexity.

7 billion NOK in annual turnover. Our customers and partners trust our solutions.

Our local Nordic experts finds solutions specific to your company

Energy across national borders.

“Entelios supplies clean energy and sustainable solutions throughout the Nordic region, and is a leading supplier of renewable energy for nordic businesses.
We have offices in four countries – with customers from all types of industries.

We have 7 offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

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Renewable energy

A Nordic focus

A balanced volume between producers and consumers

Entelios: A part of Å Energi

Entelios manages guarantees of origin(GoO) provided by Å Energi. What that means is that for every GoO that a customer buys from us, Å Energi produces one MWh of energy from a renewable source. Å Energi continuously invests in developing new renewable energy projects as part of its environmental strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take part in our shared social responsibility.

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Clean energy, expertise and innovative technology

Become a real contributor in the transition to renewable energy.

It is our shared responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future for future generations. That is why we help our customers to buy electricity that contributes to this goal. We want to be our customers’ most important to a greener and more sustainable future.



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