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Innovative energy partner

Innovative solutions so your company can take environmental responsibility.

We don’t merely sell a product or power contract. Through long-term energy and environmental services, we provide all kinds of companies with greater flexibility to address climate challenges. As the demand for decommissioning carbon-based energy grows, Entelios helps your business adapt to the green shift through essential structural changes and innovative technology.

Flexibility is the key to the new energy system

It takes more than a sound power agreement to contribute to the shift towards a sustainable society. Entelios is your partner on the road to the necessary structural and forward-looking changes.

Entelios helps your company identify opportunities for increased flexibility, as well as analyze the value of your company’s energy consumption, renewable energy production, and energy storage. We use our expertise and long experience to actively manage and analyze your companies electricity consumption. This is how we create a return on investment and secure revenue streams, which also helps to reduce your company’s total energy costs.

For Entelios, this means, among other advantages, that we advise our customers on how different sources of power production affect the climate. In addition, we offer both eco-labeled power and solutions for climate compensation.

We help companies make a simpler transition to sustainable operations while also finding the best power agreements.

The closure of carbon-based energy production and the transition to a fully electric and renewable society will affect all industries. In order to implement the structural changes required to meet the climate crisis with sustainable measures, we need a flexible approach to energy use and new, innovative technology.

We find the best solutions for our customers

Entelios has been a proud contributor to a number of changes in the corporate market, and with great success. For example, we´ve had the honour of being a part of:

Gorine’s journey to become one of Norway’s most innovative factories with solar cells, battery solutions and new technology; Hennig-Olsen’s reduced consumption during periods of high load, after our expert analyses of infrastructure and production; AF Gruppen’s electricity delivery for a comprehensive tunnel project in Stockholm; DNB’s path towards the use of 100% renewable energy; and Telenor’s power supply to more than 13,000 facilities – everything from mobile masts to office buildings.

This is just a small selection of our projects, and we look forward to helping your company to begin the journey towards a sustainable future.

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Become part of the solution with an expert team behind you

Entelios is constantly looking for the latest and most innovative solutions.

Changes are happening fast, and green technology is developing at a record speed. That is why we are always looking for innovative and future-oriented solutions that enable companies to take advantage of these developments. We aim to be your most important partner in creating a sustainable future, keeping you updated on the latest advances in technology and power supply, and giving your business a strategic advantage in the transformation of society.

At Entelios, we use new technology to develop cost-effective business opportunities for our customers while facilitating the transition from carbon-based energy to a fully electric society. Discover how your company can use energy smarter, lower energy costs, and reduce CO2 emissions with Entelios

Our social mission

With Entelios, you can be sure that your company’s consumption becomes more climate-friendly.

As a customer of Entelios, you gain access to a toolbox of solutions to help your business contribute to a more sustainable future. Our expert team works tirelessly to find and implement innovative solutions that lower your energy consumption, support sustainable energy producers, and improve the stability of the electricity grid.

With our technical solutions, we can identify each company’s potential for a more environmentally friendly operation, which ultimately reduces operational costs. As a leading player in the electrical market, Entelios is committed to delivering sustainable energy solutions that benefit both the planet and your business’s bottom line.

Everything but ‘business as usual’.

The world has faced a number of challenges in recent years, including climate crises, digital transformation, and a pandemic. In the face of such challenges, Entelios rethinks and finds solutions that work with the reality we live in today.

We shape a better future, together.

Our customers are our partners, and we know that you want growth without having lasting damage to either the environment or the climate. Entelios is an ISO 14001-certified company and we therefore ensure all our practices are in accordance with all regulations and on a sustainable path. Together, we protect the environment locally and contribute to a healthier environment globally.

Green solutions that work.

We are more than a power supplier. We assist with everything from battery solutions to state-of-the-art technological solutions for smarter consumption. Entelios empowers your company to operate as usual and at the same time be a more sustainable player.

More sustainable and profitable energy

The electricity market is dynamic and always evolving, with increasing prices and a growing demand for renewable energy sources. Staying up-to-date can be a daunting challenge for businesses of all sizes. Fortunately, Entelios provides top-notch power agreements and advisory portfolio management, making it easier for your company to embrace a more sustainable future. Trust Entelios to help you stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing electricity market.

Green technology and products

Based on analyses of infrastructure and current consumption, Entelios assesses how your company can reduce consumption based on current operations. At the same time, we investigate how new technology can be implemented for sustainable and cost-reducing development, such as batteries , solar cells, energy optimization, and other measures.

Each solution is adapted to your company’s opportunities and needs. Many of our customers benefit from finding new solutions to reduce costs or even produce energy for their own consumption, which can also be sold back to the electricity grid.

Environmental goals: Our guidelines for trade, analysis and technology

When we assist you in finding the right agreements and the best solutions for sustainable operations, we take a number of factors into account. Our goal is to offer our customers agreements and products with a lower environmental and climate footprint, contribute to sustainable development of society, ensure that energy is used correctly and recycled where possible, and ensure a sound utilization of the earth’s resources. We always comply with, but preferably go beyond, all environmental regulations, guidelines, and laws.


Be ready for a greener future.

With the increasing demand for partnerships with companies that operate sustainably, your business can benefit from being a reliable player in environmental protection. At Entelios, we aim to help you achieve your environmental goals quickly and efficiently, thereby establishing your company as a knowledgeable and responsible partner in the green shift.

See the potential in your company’s existing structure.

We support your company with analyses to see how its operations can be regulated. We also investigate the possibilities of implementing new technology for more cost-effective operations. Often, no major changes are needed. Our experts come up with solutions for how your business can continue as before – while saving more or profiting from its own energy production.

Find the best power deals with Entelios.

We find the most suitable power agreement based on your company’s specific operations and consumption. We make it easier for your company to have an active relationship with the market and switch between production sources based on price. Entelios works with suppliers of green and sustainable energy, ensuring that your company’s power supply comes from certified renewable sources.

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