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Production – simple, safe and transparent


Entelios helps you as a producer to sell your power and maximize your income. It includes everything from balance responsibility and physical handling to predictability through price hedging. Entelios has a long and broad experience in delivering services in the production segment such as hydropower, wind power, solar power and cogeneration.

Balance responsibility and physical trading

Holding balance responsibility in the Nordic market, Entelios continuously makes production forecasts for our customers’ electricity production. The production forecasts are carefully validated and produced based on all input data about the production unit and weather forecasts. All that information is the basis for what is sold and reported for the next production day. The customer has access to all data and can easily follow up on all income and fees.

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Price hedging

In ordet to get a more predictable source of inocome, Entelios offer price hedging for both long term or short periods. Together with the customer we create a specially made strategy for price securing to your expected production. You get access to a team of dedicated power supply managers who have deep market understanding, who gives guidance and recommend percentages and timing of when to hedge prices.


Guarantees of origin

Entelios is one of the Nordic countries’ largest purchasers of guarantees of origin. We have ongoing contact with a number of brokers both in the Nordics and Europe, and we also have counterparty relationships with a large number of sellers and producers of guarantees of origin in the Nordics and Europe.



Entelios is a market aggregator for flexibility. What is unique about this role, which we have chosen to call market aggregator, is that we combine technology, market and customer as a whole. This means that we have a close collaboration both with the customer, technology suppliers, and market players to identify new solutions and opportunities for our customers, and to offer support services to the Nordic TSOs.

The new ancillary service FCR-D down regulation opens up new opportunities to contribute to the power system stability by temporarely reduce the power production. Entelios have been working for many years with helping our customers find ways to balance the power grid.


What our customers say about us 

We have worked together for eight years, it feels reassuring to have access to Entelio’s industry knowledge and pricing.

Gunnar Nilsson

Economic Resources, Göteborg AB

We cooperate with Entelios on sales of the electricity. Entelios is both a creative and accessible partner. In an industry and a market with rapid swings, it feels reassuring to have a partner who is an expert and always on their toes.

Per Carlsson

Operations Manager at Egby Vindkraftverk 

Why choose Entelios?

Accelerate the green shift

We help you build a strategy that reduces your properties’ climate footprint. Save money and the environment.

Gain a reliable partner in a complex landscape

As part of Å Energi, our legacy goes back a hundred years. We will be here for the next hundred as well.

Clear reporting

Get a comprehensive report on your properties’ energy consumption – and get tips on how you can reduce it.

Generate new revenue streams

Entelios helps you optimize, but also commercialize power consumption. Discover new revenue streams with Entelios.
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About Entelios

We are the largest power company in Norway – and one of the largest in the Nordic region.

We have offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

More than 300 large companies are our customers.

We deliver more than 20 TWh a year to our customers.

Please fill out your contact information and leave a short comment about your errand and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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