Our history

Our history

In 2018, Agder Energi combined three of its market companies in the Nordic countries and Central and Western Europe under the brand name Entelios.

Several years before the rebranding in 2018, Agder Energi made several strategic aquisitions which today form part of the Entelios brand. The development of today's Entelios is highlighted below. 

Entelios is organized in two regional operating areas with their own executive management: Nordic and Central Western Europe.

Entelios Nordic's history

Entelios Nordic represents the Entelios companies based in the Nordic region. Today, Entelios Nordic is the largest supplier of renewable energy to businesses in Norway and one of the leading players in the Nordic corporate market. 

Entelios Nordic has been through several structural changes the last twenty years. In 2001, the Agder Energi owned company LOS operated most of Agder Energi's corporate market activities.

Two new strategic aquisitions took place in 2010 and 2013. LOS aquired the EL-operations in Statoil and in 2013 Agder Energi aquired Enfo Energy. Together with the corporate market activities in LOS, these two companies formed LOS Energy in 2015.

LOS Energy expanded to the Swedish market by aquiring Telge Kraft in 2016 which was also rebranded to LOS Energy.

In 2018 LOS Energy formed part of today's Entelios.  

Entelios CWE's history

Entelios CWE represents the companies Entelios AG and Entelios GmbH. 

In early 2017, Agder Energi bought 100% of the shares of Entelios AG from EnerNOC, Inc. (ENOC) in a move to position itself further in Continental Europe. 

Entelios AG was established in 2010 and became a leading provider of demand response services in Germany. This included aggregating and managing customers’ commercial and industrial loads, storage, and decentralized generation to participate in energy markets for flexible resources, including the ancillary services markets. 

Entelios GmbH, previously AE Solutions, was acquired by Agder Energi in 2017. At that time the company's name was Markedskraft Deutschland GmbH. Markedskraft GmbH was established in 2011 and provided services for efficient handling of wind, solar and bio production assets from German small and medium sized producers.

Today, Entelios GmbH and Entelios AG operate together and are a leading provider of technology and solutions providing flexibility in order to stabilize energy flows across the grid. Entelios CWE is also a major player within the sale of Guarantees of Origin for producers of wind and solar energy and hydropower in and outside Europe.


In 2017, Agder Energi aquired shares in Nordgröön.

Nordgröön acts as a market integrator of renewable energy into the power market and regional structures of Northern Germany. Nordgröön is today a strategic partner of Entelios. 

What does Entelios mean?

The name Entelios encompasses both energy and technology, while the four last letters can be read as an abbreviation of Helios, the Greek God of the Sun, or as an interpretation of the Norwegian word “helhet”, which translates as whole or entirety. The logo comprises several elements, which may be interpreted as fluctuating curves, landscape and water. These represent our history and can be associated with varying resource requirements, consumption peaks and energy.