Entelios takes over Scandem Oy customers and operations in Finland

Entelios takes over Scandem Oy customers and operations in Finland

Entelios expands in the Nordic energy market and has reached an agreement with Scandem to buy the assets of Scandem Oy portfolio and local operation in Finland.

Kristiansand, Norway (September 1st, 2020) Entelios, the leading energy provider in the B2B market in Norway, announced today that they have bought Scandem OY customer portfolio and local operations in Finland. In the Nordic region, Entelios Nordic is already responsible for a customer portfolio of over 20 TWh. With this deal Entelios will also manage a volume of approx. 1 TWh in Finland.

The asset deal of Scandem OY customers and employees, based in Vantaa, Finland further increases Entelios position in the Scandinavian energy market. Entelios handles large Nordic customers with physical delivery of renewable energy and associated advanced portfolio management, handled by our teams in Norway and Sweden. Entelios have strategic ambitions to become one of the leading players in the Nordic energy market.

“We are very pleased to announce that Entelios has procured Scandem OY portfolio and associated staff. Scandem OY clients will now be taken care by the Entelios family. We know that we will have admission to a company with a strong customer base and very competent staff. With this expansion Entelios will be able to take the next step in the realization of our strategic plan," said Atle Knudsen, CEO Entelios.

The operations in Finland will be run by Entelios OY as of October 1st, 2020, and is then wholly owned by Entelios, a subsidiary of Agder Energi.

“Scandem OY has a good reputation and strong customer relations in Finland, and we see a great advantage in being able to offer our Nordic customers local knowledge and be served in the local language. Also, for our pan-Nordic customers, we see an advantage in offering portfolio managers in Finland. We look forward to being able to increase our footprint among Nordic customers thanks to this opportunity. Scandem OY's customers will be handled by the same team as before, but we will also be able to offer a range of related services in management, energy reporting and energy services and especially in demand flexibility where Finland has come a long way”, said Kolbjørn Hembre, Nordic Sales Manager Entelios.