RWE Renewables partnering up with Entelios

RWE Renewables partnering up with Entelios

The Nordic energy supplier Entelios will from 1. January 2021 manage the global renewable energy group RWE’s renewable energy production in the Nordic region. At the same time, Entelios is now expanding its Nordic presence.

“We are proud that such a large and professional player as RWE Renewables has chosen Entelios as a supplier in the Nordic market. It is a seal of quality for Entelios and the position we have in the Nordic region. This will be among the largest management agreements we have”, says Atle Knudsen, CEO of Entelios.

RWE Renewables' Nordic production portfolio consists of wind farms in Denmark and Sweden, with an annual total production of around 1.3 TWh. That equates to the electricity consumption of approximately 140.000 households. The agreement also includes the handling of electricity certificates and guarantees of origin.

The agreement extends over two years, with possibilities for further annual extension.

“RWE Renewables is a leading player in renewable production with vast experience in the development, construction and operation of wind and solar farms. When we were looking for a partner who could give us market access in the Nordic region, the choice fell on Entelios. RWE Renewable's goal of rapidly expanding access to renewable energy and a positive climate impact works well with Entelios ambition to become a leading energy partner in renewable energy in the Nordic region”, says Roland Flaig CEO at RWE Renewables Sweden.

Will take a leading role in the Nordic region

Entelios recently announced expansion in the Nordic region and will take over the customer portfolio and employees from the Finnish company Scandem Oy.

-A solid presence and position in the Nordic region are an important competitive advantage for us and is something we see becoming increasingly important for our customers who have operations throughout the Nordic region, Knudsen explains.

Entelios Nordic already has offices in Norway and Sweden, and Finland is a natural expansion of this activity.