Environmental Markets

Environmental Markets

Environmental Markets

At Entelios we offer a range of advisory, management and execution services across a number of environmental markets.

Our vision at Entelios is for our customers to see us as a long-term partner in energy and environmental issues.

We offer renewable and sustainable products which relate to both clean energy production and consumption. At Entelios we believe that environmental markets provide recognised tools to document a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions or an increase in the consumption of renewable energy.

We are able to contribute to our customers’ needs in managing their sustainability strategy in a cost-effective manner, establishing us as their long-term partner in environmental issues relating to energy production and/or consumption.

At Entelios we have a range of green and sustainable products designed to meet customer needs.

Our Environmental Policy

Entelios strives for reduced emissions, more efficient use of resources and increased personal responsibility for environmental work.

Our vision is for our customers to see us as a long-term partner in energy and environmental issues. Therefore, it is important that our energy products and energy services are sustainable and take into account the environment, climate, people and society even when the value chain and life cycle are included.

Our environmental work must be integrated into all parts of our business and contribute to responsibility and a high level of trust among customers and other stakeholders. In this way, we strengthen our competitiveness to steer towards an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable social development.

This is achieved by:

  • We offer customers products and services that have low environmental and climate impact.
  • We will contribute to sustainable social development by offering and thereby increasing the amount of renewable and recycled energy in the energy system.
  • We shall strive for a sustainable utilization of resources.
  • We will train the staff on how they can pay more attention to the environment in their daily work.
  • We must set the same high environmental requirements for our suppliers as we do for ourselves.
  • Through our environmental work and continuous improvements, we will reduce the climate impact of the business by using sustainable products and services, minimizing waste and transport, and setting environmental requirements in procurement.
  • We shall at least live up to and preferably exceed current environmental regulations, policies, regulations and other relevant requirements for our operations.
Our Environmental Management System

Our environmental work in the Nordics is planned, controlled and followed up by our environmental management system, which is certified according to ISO 14001.

We work with continuous improvements in both the environment and the development of administration and services, etc.

The management system means that the environmental impact of the operations is analyzed. Objectives and action plans are drawn up for activities that are considered to be most environmentally disruptive. Work on reducing the environmental impact is followed up through measurements and audits.

Everyone who works with us has knowledge and knowledge of how the operations affect the environment. We evaluate our work every year through environmental audits. Internal audits are interspersed with audits by a third party.

Certification guarantees "continuous improvement" and continuity of work. It will be a cornerstone of our continued work and our quest to constantly improve.

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