Agder Energi Hydro Production

Agder Energi Hydro Production

The company holds a variety of small, mid-size and large hydro electric power stations in the watercourses of Southern Norway.

Agder Energi’s electricity production sources are 100% renewable.

Entelios manages the Guarantees of Origin produced by the Agder Energi production portfolio. We are able to offer physically delivered physical electricity from our renewable power plants to our customers in Scandinavia and Central Europe in line with the principles of integrated European market for electricity, together with the GOs.

Agder Energi continuously invests in the development of new renewable energy projects as part of its environmental strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and its social responsibility. For this purpose Agder Energi has issued a Green Bond Framework in line with the Green Bond Principles. The Green Bond proceeds will be credited to a special account for the funding of eligible projects. More information can be found here.

You can view all of Agder Energi’s production portfolio here.

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