Carbon Services

Carbon Services

Footprint calculations, reporting, EU allowances under the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS, Europe) and carbon offsets.

Do you take your climate responsibility? If your company uses energy, has regular travel and purchases, it contributes, directly or indirectly, to climate change.

This is due to carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases. In order to reduce the effects of global warming, we should reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally. The first thing you do is to calculate your climate impact and then reduce your emissions. In order to take full responsibility for the climate and for a really good and long-term climate strategy, we must also compensate for climate change.

Climate compensation creates climate benefits. In addition to climate benefit, the climate compensation projects also contribute to improving social, health and economic conditions for the local population where the projects are located. We have a broad portfolio of climate compensation projects and work with certified climate compensation projects, primarily within the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

We can offer your company customized climate compensation solutions for residual emissions and together with a good marketing strategy we can help you strengthen your brand and provide competitive advantage.

If you want to know more about climate compensation and our various projects, contact our sustainability expert and we will tell you more.

Climate Calculations

Does your company keep track of your climate footprint? We help our corporate customers evaluate and calculate their climate impact and compile a climate report, which is a necessary basis for the sustainability report.

With our web-based climate calculation tool SVANTE you can easily collect, calculate, analyze, visualize and report sustainability data in an efficient and dynamic way. Our tool is effective for both large and small organizations that want to measure their carbon dioxide emissions and review the climate impact of operations in order to be able to drive their sustainability work forward. SVANTE calculates the carbon dioxide load in accordance with The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (scope 1 - 3) and the emission factors are updated regularly.

For our corporate customers who have electricity agreements with Entelios, data such as electricity consumption, district heating and district cooling are linked directly to SVANTE, which saves time and facilitates data collection.

Want to know more, read a sample report or access a demo? Contact our sustainability expert and we will tell you more about SVANTE, our climate calculation tool.

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