Environmental Attribute Certificates (“EACs”)

Environmental Attribute Certificates (“EACs”)

GOs / RECs / EACs / I-RECs / REGOs – all forms of an energy tracking certificates which are a fairly new class of commodity traded in national, European and even global markets.

For more then 15 years we have managed Guarantees of Origin (GOs) for our customers.

Their value is often created by an individuals’ or companies’ wish to demonstrate the procurement and consumption of renewable electricity.

We offer services throughout the entire chain, from the initial set-up with registries and issuance to the generators, to aggregation requests, through to the redemption for disclosure.

Since 2009 it has been compulsory within the European Union that GOs be issued to renewable generation plants in order to track their electricity output, and for the GOs to be used as a disclosure mechanism to denote the consumption of renewable electricity by suppliers or end users.

In countries where no GO standard exists we are able to procure I-RECs to document such claims. Similar to EECS GOs, an I-REC is issued in accordance with the generation output of an accredited power plant and – governed by the I-REC standard – we can therefore document the consumption of renewable electricity.

Building on our experience, our international presence, customer network and our profile as 100% renewable company we have expanded our services towards the management of GO portfolios.

The products which we can offer include:

100% Climate Neutral Consumption

We at Entelios have taken an extra step in the issue of climate compensation and now offer our customers to be 100% climate neutral in their consumption.

The fact that you, as a company, choose to buy green electricity means that you have taken a big step towards reducing your business's climate impact. The green, clean electricity comes from sources such as wind, solar and hydropower and has almost no carbon dioxide emissions at all during the operation itself.

But even though carbon dioxide emissions are only a fraction compared to, for example, coal, gas and oil, it is still not completely carbon dioxide-free, since some carbon dioxide has been released during the actual construction and emits part in a future decommissioning of the power plant.

By ordering our product CO2 Neutral Electricity, we reduce the total emission level by purchasing reductions to the extent needed for the total climate impact from electricity purchases to disappear completely.

Bra Miljöval

We have a license from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation to sell electricity marked with Good Environmental Choice. This means that the electricity must be approved in accordance with SNF's criteria.

We pay a license fee and make provisions for three funds that involve concrete environmental projects in connection with watercourses, energy efficiency improvements and new production of renewable electricity.

We are one of Sweden's largest players on Bra Miljöval electricity.

Read more about Bra Miljöval electricity at the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation website here.


EKOenergy is an eco-label for electricity. When you buy electricity with this eco-label you get electricity that is produced with renewable energy, but more to the point: the EKOenergy label helps you to make an environmentally friendly difference.

As a consumer of environmentally friendly electricity, you probably expect your purchase to yield concrete results, ie changes that would not have happened if you had not made that purchase. For an individual consumer, it is very difficult to check if this is really the case. But if we have a common voice, the situation immediately becomes different.

The marking is a guarantee that:

  • EKOenergy focuses on giving all electricity consumers essential information.
  • EKOenergy is a tool that helps to improve the durability of already existing power plants.
  • EKOenergy guarantees via the Climate Fund that part of the green premium (ie what you pay for buying environmentally friendly electricity) is reinvested in new projects.
  • EKOenergy sets strict criteria for the tracking of green electricity.
  • EKOenergy ensures that the requirements are controlled by a third party.

Read more about EKOenergy here.

Environmental Product Declaration

EPD is the acronym for Environmental Product Declaration. Agder Energi's Sjerka hydro station is accredited.

This is documentation which sums up the environmental profile of a given power station in a standardized and objective way.

The EPD process is performed according to criteria specified in ISO standard 14025 Environmental Labels and Declarations Type III.

It is also based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) according to ISO 1440-14044.

The standardized methods assure that the user can compare thirds party verified environmental profiles.


The International REC Standard is a non-profit organization that provides a robust attribute tracking systems around the world.

This standard requires local stakeholders and government authorities to facilitate national implementation in adherence with local or national regulations. Based upon the I-REC Standard codes and associated documents – the blueprints for the attribute tracking system – l-REC independent issuers are able to implement robust and transparent attribute tracking systems, ensuring the highest quality systems and adherence to best practices for the avoidance of double counting, double certificate issuance and double attribute claiming.

Naturemade Star

The naturemade star quality label is awarded for energy generated through particularly environmentally friendly processes. Naturemade star eco-energy comes from 100% renewable sources and the label certifies that further stringent, comprehensive environmental conditions are met.

Certification of energy generation under the naturemade star label takes the natural environment, i.e. the plant and animal species living around power plants, into account. This is especially important as the ever-increasing use of renewable sources of energy impacts on habitats and thus biodiversity.

Environmental protection and upgrades are of particular importance when using hydroelectric power, which is why hydroelectric power plants to be certified under the naturemade star scheme not only need to comply with the relevant criteria, but operators must also pay one centime per kilowatt-hour of electricity sold into an environmental improvement fund.

The Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (VUE) only certifies plants and products that comply with the naturemade criteria, which are developed in collaboration with specialist energy systems associations, environmental organisations, and producers and suppliers of energy products.


TÜV SÜD is a global technical services provider with long-standing international experience in the field of energy certification.

The TÜV SÜD Generation EE label certifies electricity produced from renewable resources where generation can be attributed to a clearly identifiable source.

The TÜV SÜD Generation EE standard comprises ‘general requirements’ concerning the organization to be certified, ‘special requirements’ addressing the generation and the recording of the generation of the individual plants, and ‘optional requirements’ defined for electrical work and power guarantees.

The certification of the Generation EE+ module (work and power guarantees) can only be provided for a pool of plants. The certified pool of power stations enables the organization to be certified to guarantee the power purchaser that the pool of plants is able to produce the requested load profile at any time.

Compliance with the Generation EE+ module is particularly suitable for green power products certified in accordance with the TÜV SÜD standard “product EE02” (certification of electricity products from renewable sources with simultaneous supply).

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