Green Power Supply

Green Power Supply

Entelios is able to offer bilateral agreements between renewable generators and points of consumption.

By entering into a bilateral agreement you can ensure that your electricity is renewable and that you have the opportunity to benefit from the values of renewable power without making a direct investment to the generator. This is a product which our customers use in their marketing to further develop and strengthen their branding.

The renewable generators are in fact owned by the producers, but all of the power produced from the designated assets is dedicated to the consumer. Therefore you can purchase electricity directly from designated production stations with a competitive predetermined price.

We at Entelios handle all administration, so for our customers it is quite simple. The only difference being that you have the opportunity to benefit from the marketing values that wind power entails.

There are many benefits to the concept, including:

  • Strengthens the company's environmental profiling
  • Contribute in the transition to a sustainable society
  • Full access in marketing
  • The company is hedged against increased electricity prices

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