The energy system is undergoing radical changes: from central to decentralised plants, from conventional to renewable energy sources and from inflexible, base-loadable power plants to fluctuating power sources. This makes it more difficult to maintain the alignment between generation and consumption. One solution for this challenge is to link market participants on the basis of digital platforms and thus control them intelligently. 

Flexibility is the key to the new energy system

Demand response and virtual power plants are the technological solutions required in order to make use of the flexibility of decentralised generation and consumption structures. Entelios links and controls – aggregates – industrial consumers and power plants. Through Entelios, the aggregated installations are adapted to the demands of the superordinate energy system as required and as made available by the participant.


Entelios – a strong experienced partner

Entelios provides all the necessary solutions to utilise this potential: from analysis, assessment of economic feasibility, to the actual commercialisation of flexibility from industrial consumers, power plants and storage. By using your flexibility, you can gain attractive additional revenue streams that help reduce your energy costs.

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