Consulting and market strategies

Consulting and market strategies

Our experience becomes your advantage – we work with you throughout the entire process, starting with the analysis of your asset’s technological potential, the preparation of a commercialisation strategy, and setting up the remote control to our Realtime System and Network Operations Center to completion of the pre-qualification stage.

  • Technological analysis: identifying flexible processes and working out the framework conditions for subsequent commercialisation, taking into account your operational and process-related demands (production and delivery commitments, costs, operational safety, etc.).
  • Economic analysis / Market strategy including analysing the cost structure (opportunity costs), preparing an integrated commercialisation strategy acreoss all flexibility markets (360° demand response), and indicating the economic potential of flexibility commercialisation.
  • Optional (depending on the market strategy): setting up the remote control between your asset(s) to the Entelios Network Operations Center using the Entelios E-Box.
  • Optional (depending on the market strategy): preparing the documentation for applying to the TSO for pre-qualification.

We work with you from the initial idea to implementation: from preparing the concept and developing the project jointly with experienced partners, up to the pre-qualification stage and finally, to profitable commercialisation.

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