Your assets - Power Stations

Your assets - Power Stations

A large number of power plant operators in the industry and electricity supply has entrusted us with the task of optimising their generating flexibility in the control reserve market and short term market.

Via the real-time platform – certified in accordance with the demands on critical infrastructure (KRITIS) – we can commercialise your flexibility potential in all markets. This means that you obtain all the available market opportunities from one source (360° demand response). We market your plant in line with an individual strategy that is agreed with you beforehand.

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Control reserve
We offer our participants automatic access to all control reserve products (primary control reserve (PCR), secondary control reserve (SCR), minute/tertiary reserve (TCR) in all four German TSO (transmission system operator) control areas.
Short-term markets
In particular gas fired power stations often have a marginal cost structure that is ideal for optimising spare generating capacity on the intraday market. Thanks to our experienced consultants and analytic tools, Entelios can model the power plantsā€˜ existing resource scheduling and evaluate the additional optimisation potential of flexible capacity. To do this, we have developed an asset-backed trading approach, supported by fully automated trading processes that include remote control units at the power plant, to optimise flexibly in quarter-hourly or hourly trading.

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