Your assets - Industrial Loads

Your assets - Industrial Loads

Entelios’ long-term customers no longer resist from briefly reducing the production process in a controlled way or even interrupting it completely in order to relieve the electricity grid in a bottleneck situation. The financial benefit of the Entelios Demand Response Programme has become a significant cost reduction factor for our participants. It is particularly suited to industrial processes with high, consistent power usage, e.g.:

  • Electrolysis processes (production of aluminium, chlorine, copper, hydrogen).
  • Industrial furnaces (production of siIicon, carbide, carbon fibres).
  • Cooling compressors (cooling or production of industrial gases).
  • Paper machines (production of cardboard and graphic papers).
  • Grinders, pulpers, choppers (production of cellulose or wood derived products).

Our experience becomes your advantage – we work with you throughout the entire process, starting with the analysis of your asset’s technological potential, the preparation of a commercialisation strategy, and setting up the remote control to our Realtime System and Network Operations Center to completion of the pre-qualification stage.

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