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We are Entelios.

Providing energy solutions for a sustainable future

At Entelios we provide clean energy, expertise and technology that enables industries, companies and the public sector to become a driving force in the transition to a renewable and sustainable future.

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Why choose us?

Become part of a future-oriented solution

Switching to the green shift

With Entelios, you can reduce carbon emissions and electricity costs at the same time. As an innovative energy partner, Entelios exercises ESG in practice.

Easy reporting delivered in real time

View and control your power consumption in real time. Experience innovative reporting via our self-service panel.

A reliable partner in an unreliable world

We have the knowledge to guide you on the road to the green shift. We assist your company towards structural, sustainable and economic changes.

Create new sources of income

Entelios helps you optimize and commercialize your power consumption. This is how you can discover new sources of income with Entelios.
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An innovative energy partner

"Our customers' most important contribution to a sustainable future"


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    We are Norway's largest supplier of power to the corporate market
    We have offices in Norway, Sweden and Finland
    More than 300 large businesses are among our clients
    We deliver more than 23 TWh per year to our clients