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Carlsberg knows a lot about beer, but not as much about electricity

-We have gained increased insight into the complicated electricity market. The knowledge transfer from Entelios has been valuable to us and has had greater significance than the money we have saved on our electricity bill,” says Kasper Herluf Østlund, Carlsberg’s purchasing manager in the energy sector.

As one of the world’s largest beer producers, Carlsberg was hesitant about whether Entelios was the right electricity supplier for Carlsberg’s Nordic facilities, but they gave the company a chance.

The experiences of Entelios as a local supplier in Norway were so good that the group last year signed a new agreement for electricity deliveries to the brewery facilities in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. With annual deliveries of around 130 GWh, Carlsberg is Entelios’ largest Nordic customer. The agreement is indefinite and may be expanded in scope.


VIP customer

Herluf Østlund says it always feels good to be a big and important customer. When the group decided in 2012 to assemble their energy deliveries in the Nordic region and choose a single electricity supplier, there were actors far larger than Entelios competing for the job.

“We felt that Entelios was too small and considered several electricity suppliers with an international customer portfolio. But in that case we would not had been one of their biggest customers. We had such good experiences with Entelios as a supplier to our Norwegian facilities that we took the chance. We haven’t regretted it,” says Herluf.

He says Carlsberg has felt like a VIP customer at Entelios and has received tailored solutions for portfolio management and reporting.

Initially, Carlsberg had limited experience with the electricity market and did not engage in active portfolio management before Entelios took over. They wanted to build up such expertise within the group to get better control. Entelios has in many ways “taught” the group to think in terms of management by letting them be involved. They have monthly meetings where they analyze the electricity market and buy and sell.


-After having Entelios as our main supplier, we know more about the electricity market than before. Together, we ensure stable and predictable electricity prices. The most important thing for us has been to have a stable partner with a solid analysis and management environment that can help us avoid unforeseen price fluctuations in electricity and ensure profit for us when possible, says Herluf.

What other characteristics do you value most in Entelios?

-The ability to adapt to the needs and wishes of large customers, high flexibility in relation to reporting and portfolio management, and – last but not least: a high degree of transparency regarding contract forms and economic conditions.

Facts: Carlsberg

  • The world’s fourth largest brewing company.
  • 41,000 employees worldwide.
  • Its largest market is in Europe, Russia, and Asia.
  • Produces 500 beer brands for 140 markets.
  • Had a surplus of 9.8 billion Danish kroner in 2012.
  • Buys energy from Entelios for the group’s facilities in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.