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Egby wind power park is a strong player in a industry with a lot of tailwind

Wind power as an energy source has become something of a symbol for everything environmentally and climate-friendly. In small Egby on Öland’s east coast, there are four out of Sweden’s total 5,000 wind turbines. Egby’s entire production is approximately 14 GWh/year and is sold through Entelios to the electricity market.

Egby’s wind power plant is a reliable wind power producer and partner, states Tomas Lundin, Key Account Manager at Entelios.

The spinners are running on high capacity and the Swedish wind power produces more electricity than ever.

Wind power is the most increasing source of renewable energy and it accounts for 15-20 percent of Sweden’s electricity production, says Per Carlsson, a consultant with substanial experience in the wind power market.

He is responsible for the operation of Egby Wind Power Plant on Öland and is CEO for a part of the Ventosum park in Falkenberg, which is one of the oldest wind farms in Sweden. Both businesses are owned by the property company Balder. In total, approximately 20 GWh is produced (energy equivalent to the electricity consumption of 800 villas per year).

In both cases, we cooperate with Entelios with selling the electricity, states Per. Entelios is both a creative and accessible partner. In an industry and a market with rapid swings, it feels safe to have a partner who is an expert and always on their toes…

Egby Vindkraftverk AB is located in the Borgholm municipality on the eastern side of Öland. The landscape is flat, it blows almost constantly, therefore a good site for wind power. The rewarding collaboration with Entelios has been going on for many years – in a really good tailwind, one could say.