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Entelios establishes a new office in Denmark

Entelios is already familiar with the Danish market, as we have several big companies in our supply portfolio. As a result of the increased demand on innovative, renewable energy solutions and management concepts that contribute to reducing the power consumption and costs, Klaus Fischer (43) has been hired to manage a new team in the newly established office in Aalborg.


Our Danish office will officially open on the 01.february. . Entelios, is one of the largest power supply companies to the B2B market in the Nordic countries, and we operate out of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Oslo, Arendal and Kristiansand.

-We are happy to announce that we are finally opening an office in Denmark. Our ambition is to become our customer most important partner for a sustainable future. By becoming an pan-Nordic supplier, we want to actualize the commercial potential we have seen on the Danish market, explains Fredrik Lind, Nordic sales manager on Entelios.

20 years’ experience from the power industry

Klaus Fischer have been chosen to lead the work in Denmark. He has over 20 years of experience in the power industry. He has comprehensive experience with customers in both the consumption and production market, primarily management and balance responsibility for both public and private clients. His experience will be important both to us at Entelios and to our customers.

– After several years in the industry, primarily with provision and power supply management, I am happy to have the opportunity to be even closer to the customer and be a part of building an reliable actor on the Danish market, explains Fischer.

Klaus Fischer, Team leader at Entelios in Denmark

Want to help companies to implement their renewability strategy

He believes that the conditions for success are good as Entelios are well known for our experience with power supply management. Furthermore, Fischer appreciates the company’s innovative energy partner concept as a central tool to help the customer with their adjustment to more renewability.

– Danish companies wish to become more renewable. Because Å Energi, which Entelios is part of, has the ambition to become the Nordics most future oriented concern within the renewable energy sector, we have the best conditions to expand our current customer base in both Denmark and the Nordics, explains Klaus Fischer.

Want wind power on the flexibility market.

In addition to securing proximity to Entelios customers, the Danish expansion also enables information and knowledge sharing across the borders. Denmark is one of the pioneers in wind power and have invested heavily in their own consumption and also building and selling it abroad. Entelios believes that there is a great potential in introducing wind power on the flexibility market. Entelios deems that there is a big potential for introducing the wind power to the flexibility market.

-It gives us strength and weight in our Danish offensive to have a solid owner backing us up that bases their leadership on innovation. We are now working on realizing new solutions in ancillary services, solar power production and battery technology and hope that Denmark, like the other markets in the Nordics, will react positively to these solutions, explains Kolbjörn Hembre, CEO at Entelios.