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Schenker invests in renewable energy in a growing industry

A long-term goal and low costs are decisive factors that make DB Schenker choose the electricity trading company Entelios as their partner. The well-known transport and logistics company has terminals and facilities at about 30 locations in Sweden where Entelios delivers eco-labelled electricity.

The transport sector is growing steadily. Because of the rise of online shopping, the demand for transport of lighter goods and packages increases.

DB Schenker is one of the world’s leading transport and logistics companies. The agreement in Sweden on green electricity from Entelios has been running for more than ten years.

Cooperation with suppliers is an important part of our overall sustainability strategy, explains Ulrika Svanberg, purchasing manager at DB Schenker in Sweden. We attach great importance to choosing the right partners and regularly evaluate our suppliers. Good collaborations are crucial for us to achieve all of our goals.

Ulrika Svanberg believes that Entelios creates addes value for DB Schenker.

Expertise is required to keep track of the complex electricity market, and through Entelios, we get exactly the expertise needed in our ambitions to keep an even and predictable cost control over time, she says.

The portfolio Entelios manages includes price protection for fixed electricity costs that span several years. Schenker has chosen renewable energy sources in the form of water and wind power. Their consumption is around 31,000 MWh/year.

DB Schenker’s Swedish head office is in Gothenburg.

Administration and coordination of electricity grid tariffs to facilities within various districts is another service that Entelios provides for DB Schenker.