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Technopolis and their tenants were looking for a power supplier with a focus on sustainable solutions

Technopolis strengthens its competitiveness with guarantees of origin from Entelios

Technopolis rents out flexible office spaces, with good opportunities for networking and growth. For them and their tenants it was important to find a power supplier with focus on sustainable solutions and wanted to be sure that they were consuming energy from renewable sources. The solution was to buy power with guarantees of origin from Entelios.

Guarantees of origin is a form of environmental labeling which means that the customer knows that the same amount of electricity is produced from renewable energy sources as the customer himself consumes. According to Aksel Eckbo, sales manager at Entelios, guarantees of origin are the customer’s opportunity to be able to stimulate increased production of renewable power. If the customer makes a conscious choice to buy energy from renewable sources, the power producer receives an extra income that they can use to expand their production of renewable energy.

For our business tenants, it was important to be able to document that we use renewable electricity. With guarantees of origin from Entelios, it became possible to fulfill their wishes and thus also offer a more environmentally friendly office community explains Elisabeth Engum Hool, Real Estate Manager at Technopolis.

Guarantees of origin is a competitive advantage. Today, only 20% buy guarantees of origin in Norway. In Sweden, guarantees of origin are much more widespread. Entelios wishes that more companies in Norway follows Technopolis’ example and choose this option.