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Through flexibility services, Hennig-Olsen Is can make a crucial contribution to the local electricity grid

A positive contribution to society was the focus of Hennig-Olsen Is when they entered into an agreement on flexibility through Entelios. The flexibility solutions at Hennig-Olsen Is mean that they can both produce ice cream and contribute to a more secure local electricity grid – at the same time!

Hennig-Olsen Is is the oldest ice cream producer in the Nordics with an ice cream recipe that has been handed down since 1924. Because they want to grow in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, Hennig-Olsen Is is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. Together, Entelios and Hennig-Olsen Is have found solutions that benefit many.

Regulates the freezer’s temperature without the ice cream melting

Hennig-Olsen Is’ factory outside Kristiansand produces around 32 million ice creams and frozen desserts every year. Therefore, it may sound strange that it is precisely the freezer section that is regulated at Hennig-Olsen Is.

Behind the solutions at Hennig-Olsen Is are thorough analyzes and physical inspections carried out by Entelios. Then it was concluded that it would be possible to regulate both electric boilers, steam boilers and freezers without the expense of production. Regulating the freezer at an ice cream producer without affecting the products is entirely possible with the right solutions.

Contributes to the local electricity grid

The flexibility service at Hennig-Olsen Is is that their electricity consumption is reduced during periods when the demand on the local electricity grid is high. By reducing its own consumption during periods of high load, Hennig-Olsen Is contributes to ensuring that the grid is not overloaded. To secure that the electricity grid does not become overloaded creates a more reliable electricity system for companies and private individuals. Therefore, Hennig-Olsen Is contribution is both important for them and everyone else who uses the local electricity grid.

Through flexibility services, the existing electricity grid is used smarter and more effecient. When Hennig-Olsen Is offers flexibility, this leads to a reduction in the need for expansion of the electricity network, as it helps to ensure sufficient capacity. If you do not have sufficient capacity in the power system, you are forced to build out, even if it is only caused by short periods of overload.

An expansion of the electricity grid means, among other things, that you have to build over more nature areas, something that both Hennig-Olsen Is and Entelios believe is important to avoid. Through flexibility, one would rather find opportunities for regulating Hennig-Olsen Is’ electricity consumption in a way that is benificial for them and the environment.

For us at Hennig-Olsen Is, it is important to contribute to society wherever possible. Through Entelios, we have received innovative solutions that enable us to contribute to increased stability in the local electricity grid, among other things. With Entelios as an energy advisor, we also see exciting opportunities for the future that can be positive both for us and society at large, says Karl Tore Nielsen, operations engineer at Hennig-Olsen Is.

Hennig-Olsen Is is an innovative and future-oriented ice cream producer that is constantly looking for new solutions. Environment and sustainability are at the center of Hennig-Olsen Is, and they foresee that they will be able to make use of several opportunities in the future. Among other things, they constantly participate in new projects in the area of ​​flexibility. For Entelios, it is inspiring to work with a company that is continuously looking for smart energy solutions. Together, Entelios and Hennig-Olsen Ice will work to become increasingly sustainable.