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Vasakronan, with their goal of becoming climate neutral by 2030, choose Entelios as their energy partner

Vasakronan is one of Sweden’s largest real estate company with a main focus on office and retail premises in Stockholm. Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala. A part of their environmental goal is that the company must be climate neutral in the entire value chain by 2030 and self-sufficient in terms of energy by then. Since 2020 Entelios has been a complete energy partner for Vasakronan and the collaboration is greatly appreciated:

Entelios is an established and complete energy partner that can provide us with all the services we need in that area says Åsa Almquist, purchasing manager at Vasakronan. Entelios has great customer service, a large range of services and have the same innovative thinking that appeals to us in our ambitions in terms of environmental and sustainability issues as well as technical development, she continues.

In addition to the purchase and delivery of electricity, Entelios is also responsible for portfolio management, ancillary services and management of solar cell services. Vasakronan has several solar cell facilities where the electricity produced goes, via Entelios, to their own own facilities. The largest one is a solar park in Uppsala, which produces 5 GWh/year. In total, Vasakronan consumed approximately 150 GWh in 2020.

The trouble-free collaboration with Entelios is of great importance to our business and simplifies our administrative work, such as coordination of the collective invoices we recieve because of the grid tariffs, says Åsa Almquist.

Together with Entelios’ representatives , we have quarterly “Power group meetings” (digitally) where we are given an analysis of the environment and an update of the electricity market situation. This means that we can also keep up with environmental technology developments, which we greatly appreciate.

Vasakronan is at the forefront of real estate companies when it comes to sustainable technology. Stockholm Flex and investing in solar cells are some examples of that.

We at Vasakronan work intensively to reduce the power consumption in our buildings and Entelios has been a great help in contributing to knowledge and monitoring the new marketplaces that exist for efficiency and frequency management, says Ulf Näslund.

About Vasakronan:

Vasakronan is owned by the First, Second, Third and Fourth AP funds and manages nearly 180 properties and 350 subscriptions. The head office is on Malmskillnadsgatan in Stockholm city. The number of employees is more than 300. Read more about Vasakronan at