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Our environmental efforts

We at Entelios work hard to find innovative solutions that reduce our customers’ carbon footprint.

Entelios’ goal is to be our customers’ most important contribution to a sustainable future. We work actively to reduce both our own CO2 impact, but also to assist our customers in their efforts to reduce their CO2 footprint.

Entelios works actively to reduce the business trips we make by plane and car, and that we try to minimize energy consumption in our offices.

To help our customers reduce their climate footprint, we are focusing on increasing sales of renewable energy from wind power and solar generation, as well as by increasing our sales of guarantees of origin.

Our environmental efforts

Helping consumers become producers

Vasakronan has a goal to become climate neutral in 2030

In addition to the purchase and delivery of electricity, we help Vasakronan with portfolio management, flexibility services and managing of solar systems. Vasakronan’s largest solar park facility produces 5 GWh annually and Entelios helps them get the produced electricity to their own facilities.

Purchase of renewable energy

Schenker invests in sustainability for a growing industry

With a consumption of 31 GWh annually, its a priority for Schenker ​​that the electricity should come from renewable sources. We have helped them secure their prices several years into the future and arranged so that the electricity is produced by either wind or hydropower.

Reduce electricity consumption

Henning-Olsen participates on the local flexibility market

We carried out analyzes and physical inspections of Henning-Olsen’s operations and discovered occasions where was possible to down-regulate electric boilers, steam boilers and freezers and not on the expense of production. This helped them save on their electricity cost and also support the local electricity grid by doing it during power peaks.

Production of renewable energy

Entelios helps Egby wind farm sell their produced electricity

Egby wind farm produces approximately 14 GWh annually and uses Entelios to sell it to the electricity market. Egby wind power park appreciates that Entelios is both a creative and an accessible partner. That is an important feature in a fast-changing market.