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Energy services

We offer smart energy solutions and technology tailored for your business, climate strategies and guidance on the power market.

Our energy solutions are structured after our customer value proposition, to become our customers most important contribution to a sustainable future. We put a lot of weight on our proposition and wish to help our customers to use less electricity, use it more efficiently, and get paid for the electricity and capacity that is not used. We have partnered up with our customers, technology and the market to be able to find innovative solutions that helps the customer with reducing electricity cost, reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time making green progress but with black numbers.


Your most important contribution to a sustainable future

For Entelios, innovation and technological solutions that contribute to sustainability are important elements in the business. Entelios aims to be the customer’s most important partner to a sustainable future and by offering clean energy, specialized competence and technology, Entelios wants to enable its customers to become leaders in the field of climate-friendly energy solutions.

The concept of being an innovative partner, long-term, is based on our aim to help customers use electricity smarter, reduce overall energy costs, reduce the CO2 footprint and create new revenue opportunities.

Charging stations






Energy Management


Illustration of charging station

Get your business ready for the all-electric future

Smart and efficient electric car-charging

Entelios delivers complete charging infrastructure, easily scalable for several charging stations when needed. With efficient charging, smart control and financing of charging stations from 0 NOK, your company will be able to meet the growing need for charging stations in a cost-effective way.

Efficient charging

Together with our partners, we have developed a concept that optimizes the number of charging stations within the available capacity.

Smart control

We provide a smart system for controlling charging times and flexible payment. Daily use is managed in an app.

Cost effective

Double charging outlets per station reduces installation costs.


Charging stations from 0 NOK for financing via a power agreement.
Illustration of batteries

Batteries as a resource

Combine energy storage with self-produced renewable energy. In collaboration with battery and technology suppliers, Entelios ensures that your business has a flexible and green energy consumption. Ensure optimal utilization, flexibility in the market and profitable operation.


Proven solutions for participation in flexibility markets, generating new income streams.

Green consumption

Combine energy storage with self-produced renewable energy and reduce your climate footprint.


Collaborate with leading players to produce and consume clean, cost-effective and reliable energy.


Optimal utilization of batteries ensures high profitability. Financing through an power agreement makes the solution simple and secure.
Illustration of solar panels


Flexibility is connected to grid companies paying companies to adjust their production or consumption for shorter periods in order to stabilize the electricity grid. Entelios acts as the company’s partner and guide throughout the process to enable flexibility. Smart regulations allow your company to participate in the flexibility market.

New source of income

Generate income by briefly adjusting your power consumption or power production.

Smart technology

Standardized and automatic solutions. Participation in the market has no effect on daily operations.

A green future

By participating flexibly, your company contributes to the green transition and increased renewable production.

Fast return on investment

With expected high income streams, investments become profitable with a short payback period.
Illustration of socket

Energy management and smart consumption

With Entelios, your company can implement modern and reliable technology to manage and save on energy consumption. We provide services for automatic reduction of energy costs and consumption, so that your company gets a better overview of expenses, operates in a more environmentally-friendly manner and finds new ways to be profitable.

Power management

A smart solution that monitors and reduces power costs.

Energy saving

Advanced energy monitoring to map consumption and reduce energy costs.

Energy management

Automatic transfer of energy consumption to hours with low electricity prices for reduced costs.

Savings guarantee

Energy optimization of buildings aimed at SMB customers. We offer a savings guarantee.

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    Hvorfor velge Entelios

    Large customer portfolio

    We are responsible for a customer portfolio of over 23 TWh – which corresponds to the annual consumption of 1.3 million households. This makes us the largest energy supplier for the corporate market in Norway.

    Generate more income streams

    Entelios helps optimize and commercialize power consumption. Discover new sources of income with Entelios.

    Your loyal partner

    We offer clean energy, cutting-edge expertise and technology that enables all types of companies to become leaders in climate-friendly energy solutions.