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Sustainability experts

We strive to be your most important contribution to a sustainable future.

Entelios helps companies reduce their climate footprint through the use of renewable energy, climate quotas, and a comprehensive climate strategy. We work with both large and small organizations in the public and private sectors. Discover how we can assist your company in becoming more sustainable.


Environmentally friendly energy with guarantee of origin

Buying power with a guarantee of origin contributes to both the financing of and demand for renewable energy. A guarantee of origin is proof that the power you buy is being matched somewhere with power production from renewable sources.

Investeringer i redusert klimaavtrykk

Investmenting in climate footprint reduction

Entelios has taken extra steps when it comes to climate compensation and now offers our customers the opportunity to become 100% climate neutral. By purchasing CO2-neutral power through Entelios, your total emissions are reduced. We achieve this by purchasing as many climate quotas as needed for the overall climate footprint of your power consumption to be as small as possible.

Klimastrategi – hjelp til å utarbeide en langtidsstrategi

Climate strategy – help to prepare a long-term strategy

To become a sustainable business, you need a comprehensive, well-thought-out, and long-term climate strategy. We will work together to create a plan for how your company can proactively and cost-effectively minimize and manage your companies emissions.  

Renewable energy

Entelios offers sustainable power agreements for your business.

Bilateral wind power agreement

Entelios provides bilateral wind power agreements, also known as Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Through a bilateral agreement, you secure a long-term of renewable energy for your company and at the same make it more profitable for producers to invest in wind farms. Our customers currently use this in their marketing strategies to enhance their brand reputation.

Hydropower from Å Energi

Å Energi owns several small, medium-sized, and large hydropower plants in Southern Norway that produce 100% renewable energy. Entelios manages the guarantees of origin (GoOs) produced by Å Energi. Together with GoOs, we are able to deliver electricity from our renewable power plants to customers in northern Europe. This energy is in line with the principles of an integrated European market for electricity.



Environmental services

Our environmental products are tailored to your sustainability work.
It is our common responsibility to contribute to sustainable development for future generations on this planet. That is why we have this phrase as a promise to our customers: we want to be your most important contribution to a sustainable future.
Businesses of all sizes and types can contribute to the climate solution
It’s not just industries as a whole and large companies that can contribute to a sustainable future. Entelios helps all kinds of businesses to become more climate-friendly. It can be as simple as solar panels on the roof of a restaurant, or a more advanced strategy for reducing electricity consumption in a larger industrial building.
You can save money and be environmentally friendly at the same time

Climate quotas and guarantees of origin are part of our work with sustainability, but we also help you to actively reduce your footprint. For example, we can help companies reduce their consumption when there is a shortage of capacity in the electricity system and get paid for it. This way, the company can find a new source of income while becoming more sustainable.

Let Entelios help your business reduce its climate footprint

Sustainable solutions are more important to implement now than ever. Our goal is to be your most significant contribution to the green transition. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

Entelios is the largest power company in Norway – and one of the largest in the Nordic region. We deliver some of the best power agreements in Norway. We are part of Å Energi, a leading Norwegian hydropower company with growing international operations and more than a hundred years of experience.

We have more than 300 major companies as customers. We have offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark but our customers are located all over the world. We have 72 employees, and more than 7 billion in annual turnover.

Entelios delivers more than 23 TWh per year to our customers We supply power from our renewable power plants to our customers in The Nordics. We also work with energy across borders, with bilateral power agreements in wind and solar power.

Lower your energy costs and make a profit

Entelios assists in optimizing and commercializing power consumption. Use power smarter, save for periods of greater consumption or sell back to the power grid at a profit.