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We are Entelios

We are Entelios

Energy solutions for a sustainable future

Your most important contribution to a sustainable future

At Entelios we provide clean energy, expertise and technology that enables industries, companies and the public sector to become a driving force in the transition to a renewable and sustainable future. 

Our core business is management and trading of renewable energy in the Nordic and European electricity markets on behalf of our customers.

At Entelios we donĀ“t have all the answers. But we have some - of great importance!

We are specialists within energy management and trading, in an industry where renewable electricity and flexibility from sources such as wind, solar and hydro power are replacing fossil fuels at a rapid pace.

Our technology and market knowledge enable us and our customers to capitalize on this transformation, whilst at the same time ensuring socio-economic benefits and balancing the power system.

We deliver energy solutions that contribute to a bright future

The different units in Entelios sell and manage clean energy, flexibility systems and optimisation of decentralised production. At the very core and foundations of Entelios’ competitive strengths is the key role of renewable energy in the European energy system of the future. It is for this reason Entelios aims to be the preferred partner for customers aiming to achieve a sustainable future.

Our competitive advantage comes from our expertise and technology as a leading player in traditional markets, in particular hydropower, but also in new developing and decentral markets characterised by an increasing amount of wind power and solar energy. We provide clean and innovative customer solutions in the Nordics and throughout central and western Europe.