Energy management that resulted in savings of hundreds of thousands in electricity expenses

Electricity is a significant expense for Plantasjen's retail locations. Therefore, finding a competent energy partner is crucial.

We are entirely dependent on an electricity supplier with a dynamic management environment that can ensure the lowest electricity prices and help us avoid sudden fluctuations in energy costs. Å Entelios is one of the best in the industry for this
Thomas Angell, CFO in Plantasjen Norge.

Plantasjen, one of the largest garden center chains in the Nordics, has joined forces with the industrial conglomerate KB Gruppen to become a major player in procurement. Together, they purchase between 70 and 80 GWh of electricity, equivalent to the annual consumption of around 4,000 single-family homes.

Portfolio Manager The group has granted Å Entelios the authority to trade electricity for the entire portfolio in the open market. The portfolio managers at Entelios have the expertise and experience to anticipate changes in electricity prices and trade in short-term and long-term contracts based on what they believe is most advantageous

We save hundreds of thousands of kroner annually on our electricity bill by having excellent energy advisors. Entelios' strong analytical and management environment is one of their key strengths.
Jonny Eriksen, innkjøpsansvarlig i KB Gruppen.

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