Electricity trading and Portfolio management

We help you navigate volatile electricity prices by minimizing risk and optimizing cost-effectiveness. Our approach balances predictability with affordability.

Entelios Portfolio Management

The electricity market is characterized by significant uncertainty and volatile prices. Market events, political decisions, weather conditions, and unexpected occurrences make it difficult to predict the future.

With the Nordic region's leading management team, we help you control and manage risks in the electricity market, creating a strategy that provides you with the right balance between predictability and low costs.

This is what you receive as our customer.


We achieve an optimal balance between cost efficiency and budget control. We take your desired risk level into account and design a strategy that delivers the best results for you.


We create predictability for long-term planning. Our analysts include meteorologists, hydrologists, and climate and environmental experts, providing you with the best conditions to attempt to forecast the future.


We provide you with understanding and an overview that ensures more cost-effective decisions. We make the complex simple and are transparent about how we work. Through Entelios Online, our analysis tool, you always have access to real-time data on consumption, billing information, and suggestions on how to reduce energy consumption.

Electricity contracts and management concepts

For customers who are not seeking customized electricity contracts, we've developed pre-packaged solutions. Below are three examples of our management concepts.


A strategy that provides you with a moderate level of predictability. The ability to track market movements in both rising and falling markets.

  • Low to moderate need for predictability
  • Hedging level at 50%


The ability to track market movements in both a rising and a falling market. Suitable for customers who desire more stability but can handle price/budget variations.

  • Moderate need for predictability
  • Hedging level at 80%


The ability to track market movements in both rising and falling markets. The portfolio aims to be fully price-secured during the delivery period.

  • High need for predictability
  • Hedging level at 100%

This is how we work together.

Through an inclusive and continuous process, we identify and optimize your energy needs.

1. Step

Identify needs

Through a meeting and continued dialogue with you, our managers and analysts will identify your energy needs.



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Entelios Online: Complete overview - All in one place

With Entelios Online, you now have complete visibility into your customer relationship. This includes real-time energy consumption insights, reports, analysis, and invoice management

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Entelios online

Why choose Å Entelios?

Nordic reach, local insight

Å Entelios delivers across the Nordic region, ensuring the best terms for our customers. Our local offices provide a deep understanding of the local markets, combining regional expertise with a tailored, local approach

Customer-centric approach

We have been above the industry average with the market's most satisfied customers for four consecutive years (EPSI 2023).

From A to Z towards net zero

Å Entelios guides clients through their entire journey towards sustainability – from electricity supply to the production and sale of their own energy, offering end-to-end support in the green transition.