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How do we assist producers?

Physical trading

Å Entelios continuously develops production forecasts for the client's electricity production. These forecasts are carefully validated and based on all data about the production unit and weather forecasts. With the aid of intraday trading, we optimize the results. The producer has access to all data and can easily monitor revenues and expenses.

Financial trade

Å Entelios offers a tailor-made strategy and assists in developing a price risk management strategy. The producer gets access to a system where they can monitor system contracts, EPAD, and components in real-time. We sell GoO (Guarantee of Origin) using a unique management model to the market that pays the best price.

Balancing responsibility

For the power system to function, there must always be a balance between production and consumption. Å Entelios has balancing responsibility in the Nordic market and can help our customers enter the flexibility market. This provides another way for our customers to generate revenue beyond what they earn from the electricity they produce.

Our services

Tailormade for power producers

  • Flexibility Å Entelios is a market aggregator for flexibility. What is unique about this role, which we have chosen to call market aggregator, is that we combine technology, market and customer as a whole. This means that we have a close collaboration both with the customer, technology suppliers, and market players to identify new solutions and opportunities for our customers, and to offer support services to the Nordic TSOs. The new ancillary service FCR-D down regulation opens up new opportunities to contribute to the power system stability by temporarely reduce the power production. Å Entelios have been working for many years with helping our customers find ways to balance the power grid.
  • Battery Å Entelios provides production customers with battery solutions to maximize revenue and create stability. We offer proven solutions for participating in flexibility markets, opening up new revenue streams. By integrating energy storage with your self-produced renewable energy, you can not only improve the economics of your energy production but also contribute to a more sustainable and stable energy supply.
  • Price hedging In ordet to get a more predictable source of inocome, Å Entelios offer price hedging for both long term or short periods. Together with the customer we create a specially made strategy for price securing to your expected production. You get access to a team of dedicated power supply managers who have deep market understanding, who gives guidance and recommend percentages and timing of when to hedge prices.
  • Guarantees of origin ​Å Entelios is one of the Nordic countries’ largest purchasers of guarantees of origin. We have ongoing contact with a number of brokers both in the Nordics and Europe, and we also have counterparty relationships with a large number of sellers and producers of guarantees of origin in the Nordics and Europe.

Why choose Å Entelios?

Sales Optimization

We assist in managing a portfolio of multiple production units, optimizing energy sales based on market prices and production profiles.


We assist with financial instruments and contracts to secure prices, manage price risk, and guard against volatility in electricity prices.

New revenue streams

We assist in leveraging production flexibility to provide balancing services, which can generate additional income.

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