Energy solutions for a greener future

Our energy services are built on our customer promise, to be the customer's key contribution to a sustainable future. Together, we find innovative solutions that reduce consumption, smarter power utilisation, and create new revenue streams from the electricity that goes unused.

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Your most important contribution to a sustainable future.

Reduce consumption

Collaborate with our energy advisors to identify areas within your business that can be energy-optimized. From simply turning off machines when not in use to discovering more efficient heating methods for your facilities

Smarter power utilisation

Our energy solutions assist you in utilizing electricity more intelligently. We can help you invest in batteries that charge during low prices and discharge during peak electricity prices. Alternatively, explore solar panels to become your own renewable energy producer.

New revenue streams

We can offer you, as a customer, the opportunity to sell your ability to be flexible and receive income for temporarily slightly decreasing or increasing your electricity production or consumption.

How we help

Clean Energy and Climate-Friendly Energy Services

  • Flexibility Earn money by temporarily adjusting your electricity consumption, accessing new marketplaces, and utilizing cutting-edge technology for flexibility management. Contribute to a green transition and increased renewable production share
  • Battery By installing battery systems, businesses can achieve greater energy independence, reduce energy costs, and environmental impact. Enable economic efficiency by storing surplus energy for use during periods of higher electricity prices
  • Solar panels Providing businesses with an economically efficient and environmentally friendly energy solution, reducing electricity expenses, promoting sustainability, with investment costs covered by Å Entelios
  • Smart energy managment By implementing intelligent energy management solutions, businesses can effectively reduce both their energy consumption and energy costs. We assist you in installing advanced energy monitoring to track usage and lower energy expenses
  • Charging stations Providing businesses with the opportunity to support the transition to electric transportation, capitalize on economic incentives, and participate in sustainable practices
  • Guarantees of origin Essential for businesses seeking to confirm their use of renewable energy, support the development of green energy, and adhere to environmental regulations and standards

Selected case studies


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75% reduction of carbon footprint and increased revenues

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Why Å Entelios

Nordic reach, local insight

Å Entelios delivers across the Nordic region, ensuring the best terms for our customers. Our local offices provide a deep understanding of the local markets, combining regional expertise with a tailored, local approach

Customer-centric approach

We have been above the industry average with the market's most satisfied customers for four consecutive years (EPSI 2023).

From A to Z towards net zero

Å Entelios guides clients through their entire journey towards sustainability – from electricity supply to the production and sale of their own energy, offering end-to-end support in the green transition.