Ancillary Services

With a growing share of renewable energy production and the increasing demand for electricity, flexibility becomes crucial to ensure a stable and reliable power supply. Support the power system by contributing flexibility while receiving compensation.


Why ancillary services?

Join in creating a stable power system.

With an increased share of renewable energy production and a growing need for electricity, flexibility becomes crucial to ensure a stable and reliable power supply.


Those who make their resource available in the ancillary services market get paid whether it is used or not. We help generate revenue from your existing operations.

Optimize your existing resources

With the help of flexibility services, you can earn money from your current resources, such as solar panels and batteries. It has been shown that the ROI period can be shortened by 10 years in some cases.

Choose the market on your terms

There are several different markets to participate in. We help you identify your flexible resources and conditions, and choose the appropriate market based on this.

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Ancillary services for balancing and aiding the market

Ancillary services play a crucial role in balancing electricity production and consumption, and maintaining a safe and stable electricity grid. These services include various functions, such as frequency regulation, which involves adjusting the production and consumption of electricity in real-time to maintain a constant frequency on the grid. The responsibility of providing and coordinating these services lies with the transmission system operators (TSOs).

Local flexibility markets

Local flexibility markets are marketplaces where energy producers and consumers can offer flexibility in their production or consumption. These markets are designed to enable a more efficient use of energy, reduce the load on the electricity grid and support the integration of renewable energy.

In a local flexibility market, electricity consumers and producers can offer to lower their consumption or increase their production during certain times of the day or during specific events, such as a high demand for electricity during the winter months. This can then be purchased by the grid owner to free up capacity in the local grid.

Local flexibility markets play an important role in optimizing the energy use and reducing the load on the electricity grid, which in turn can avoid costly investments in grid infrastructure. These markets can also support the integration of renewable energy by making it possible to balance the production of energy from renewable sources with the demand for energy in a more flexible way. Å Entelios assits their customers in offering flexibility from their electricity consumption or production and enabling market participation.

Flexibility resources

There are several resources that can deliver to ancillary services and local flexibility markets

  • Industrial production processes Many industries can accommodate their energy consumption by adjusting production processes.
  • Solar and wind power Solar and wind power plants can be flexible in their energy production by adjusting their output over short periods.
  • Energy storage Batteries and other forms of energy storage can accommodate by storing energy and release it at a desired time.

This is how it works:

Å Entelios helps your company identify which services you can accommodate with and helps your receive compensation for it. You receive financial compensation for the times you are put in standby, regardless of whether you change your consumption or not.

Step 1.

Identify ancillary service resources

In order to deliver the market, you need to identify the resources that can be used to adjust your energy use. It can be anything from electric vehicles and energy storage systems to real estate, and industrial processes.



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