Solar power for companies

Has your company considered the possibility of solar panels? We have developed two options where you can either invest in the solar panels yourself or where we cover the initial costs and you then pay through a leasing agreement. Using solar panels is an easy way for companies to reduce their environmental impact and their dependence on the power grid.

Solar panels on a roof

4 good reasons to invest in solar panels


Solar energy is a sustainable energy source that helps reduce the company's emissions. This is beneficial for both the planet and strengthens the company for future reporting requirements.


Companies with solar energy can enhance their competitiveness by citing lower emissions. It is expected to become a crucial factor in the future for customers considering collaboration and/or purchasing products/services from you.

Utilize roof space

Solar energy systems can be installed on both roofs and facades. This way, you can utilize roof surfaces that would otherwise not be used to produce locally generated power, reducing the need to purchase electricity from the grid.

Long lifespan and low maintenance requirements

Today's solar power technology consists of robust components with a long lifespan and low maintenance needs. This makes the technology a long-term investment for your company.

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How does it work in practice?

Practically speaking, we primarily analyze the individual company's energy consumption, building, and opportunities for solar panel installation. This way, Å Entelios can find the best solution together with the customer.

Å Entelios offers financing solutions that make it easier for companies to start using solar energy. We serve as advisors to help the customer optimize the financial benefits involved in expanding solar panels, such as climate subsidies. After the solar panel system is installed, we ensure that the solar panels operate optimally and that the company achieves the desired results. This includes regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure that the solar panel system functions as intended and produces maximum output under various conditions.

Å Entelios helps companies make sustainable choices

We offer smart electricity services tailored to your company, create climate strategies, and provide guidance in the electricity market. By offering profitable electricity contracts, expertise, and technology, we aim to enable our customers to become leaders in sustainable and profitable energy solutions. As an innovative and long-term energy partner, we help companies use electricity more intelligently. We aspire to be our customers' most significant contribution to a sustainable future.

Close communication and energy consulting

Å Entelios has a close collaboration with our customers to ensure that the solar panel installation operates optimally and delivers the highest possible output. With extensive experience in assisting companies with solar energy usage, we can offer tailored solutions according to your company's needs.

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