Batteries allow companies to optimize their electricity consumption and create a revenue opportunity contributing to profitable operations. This technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and we at Å Entelios have been involved from the start.


Why use batteries?

Less vulnerability

Reduce dependence on the public grid and increase the reliability of electricity supply.

More sustainable electricity consumption

Combine energy storage with self-produced renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Ancillary Services

Proven solutions for providing ancillary services that generate revenue

Cost savings

Enable economic efficiency by storing surplus energy for use during periods of higher electricity prices.

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4 reasons to start using batteries

Å Entelios has identified 4 main reasons why companies should invest in and use batteries in their operations:


A battery can contribute to savings both on grid fees and electricity costs. By, charging your batteries when electricity prices are low and using them when prices are high, expenses are reduced. Moreover, one can also generate income by selling their capacity when the grid requires it.



Å Entelios customizes the battery solution for your company, taking into account factors such as battery placement and size, battery lifespan, and cost estimation. The solution will also consider the battery's lifecycle and its usage in the flexibility market.

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