Charging Stations

Å Entelios offers a sustainable and profitable comprehensive solution for electric vehicle charging that can create new revenue streams for your company. When the power grids are under heavy load, Å Entelios can temporarily reduce the capacity of your charging stations for short periods and sell it as an ancillary service. You receive compensation for your participation while still providing the opportunity to charge your vehicles.

Charging Stations

Meet the growing demand for charging stations.

Efficient charging

Together with our partners, we have created a concept that optimizes the number of charging stations.

Smart control

A smart system for controlling charging times and flexible payment.


Easily scalable for additional charging stations as needed.


We offer complete charging infrastructure with flexible payment starting from 0 EUR

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Å Entelios, together with our partners, offers a complete charging infrastructure that can be customized to your needs.

With our solution, your company gets efficient charging, smart control, and financing options. This helps your company meet the increasing demand for cost-effective charging stations.

The solution we offer with our partners optimizes the number of charging stations to installed capacity, and we provide dual outlets per station - reducing investment and installation costs.

Also included is smart scheduling of charging times with a flexible payment solution that can be easily managed via an app.

Moreover, Å Entelios can help turn the charging station into an income opportunity for your company by selling your available capacity on the flexibility markets.

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