Väla Centrum

75% reduction of carbon footprint and increased revenues

Skandia Fastigheter and Entelios have established a successful partnership resulting in an impressive reduction of CO2 emissions and increased revenues. With 66 million kWh in energy consumption and 700 kW of flexible resources, they've collaborated to advance sustainable energy usage within the real estate industry

Skandia Fastigheter, with a vast portfolio of properties including shopping centers like Väla, Sveavägen 44, Frölundatorg, S:t Per Gallerian, Mörby Center, and more, has partnered with Å Entelios for many years to enhance their energy services. The award-winning real estate company is a leading player in Sweden, focusing on properties in Stockholm, Göteborg, and Malmö.

Lars Pellmark, responsible for installations and energy technology at Skandia Fastigheter, appreciates Å Entelios' comprehensive approach, including smart energy procurement and long-term portfolio management. In recent years, their collaboration has expanded to include services related to flexibility and energy storage.

The flexibility market is a relatively new concept that addresses capacity challenges in the power grid, where consumers can voluntarily and for compensation temporarily reduce or increase their energy consumption to support the system. Skandia Fastigheter is among those who have chosen to participate.

Through innovation and active knowledge sharing, they, along with Å Entelios, have established themselves as a virtual power plant. To enable a sustainable future based on renewable energy production, Väla shopping center uses its ventilation and climate systems to balance the power grid. Additionally, the virtual power system has invested in a 500 kW battery, contributing to the energy system while Skandia Fastigheter receives financial compensation for providing capacity to the energy system as needed.

The Väla project is just one of several excellent examples of how Skandia Fastigheter is taking responsibility for a sustainable future. Climate awareness is a global concern, and there are various factors and parameters to consider.

We value our collaboration with Å Entelios, along with our other technology partners, as it helps us continuously evolve ourselves and the industry as a whole, striving for green development with positive economic outcomes.

Skandia Fastigheter manages more than 120 properties with a total value of approximately 60 billion Swedish kronor and has 150 employees. Last year, Skandia Fastigheter was awarded "Employer of the Year" in the industry (Brilliant Awards). Their partnership with Å Entelios has been ongoing since 2010

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