The path towards net zero emissions and self-sufficiency

Å Entelios assists Vasakronan, a leading Swedish real estate company, in achieving climate neutrality and self-sufficiency by 2030 through climate-smart and tailored energy solutions

Vasakronan is one of Sweden's largest real estate companies, with a primary focus on office and retail spaces in the major cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, and Uppsala. Among their environmental goals are to achieve climate neutrality throughout the value chain by 2030 and to become energy self-sufficient. Vasakronan leads among real estate companies in sustainable environmental technology, with examples including Stockholm Flex, energy storage, and their own solar panel installations.

Since 2020, Entelios has been a comprehensive energy partner for Vasakronan, and the collaboration is highly valued:

Entelios is an established and comprehensive energy partner that can provide us with all the services we need in this area. Entelios offers excellent customer service, a wide range of services, and embodies innovative thinking that resonates with our ambitions in environmental and sustainability matters, as well as technical development
Åsa Almquist, Head of Procurement at Vasakronan
Åsa Almquist, Head of Procurement at Vasakronan

Entelios is responsible not only for the procurement and delivery of electricity but also for portfolio management, flexibility services, and the management of solar energy products. Vasakronan has several solar installations where the electricity produced goes, through Entelios, to the company's own facilities. The largest is the solar park in Uppsala, which generates 5 GWh/year. In total, Vasakronan consumes approximately 149,000 MWh/year (2023).

Together with representatives from Entelios, we have regular status meetings where we receive a global analysis and updates on market conditions in the electricity sector. This allows us to keep pace with environmental technological developments, which we find very valuable

We at Vasakronan are working intensively to reduce power consumption in our buildings, and Entelios has been of great assistance by providing knowledge and monitoring the new marketplaces for power and frequency control
Åsa Almquist, Head of Procurement at Vasakronan
Åsa Almquist, Head of Procurement at Vasakronan

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