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If you were not aware, there are two different Entelios. One is the German company Entelios AG, and the other is the Nordic company Entelios AB/AS/Aps/Oy. Please choose the one you wish to access below.

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Nordic Å Entelios

Entelios is Norway's largest electricity supplier for the corporate market in the private and public sectors. We assist customers throughout the Nordic region in achieving a more profitable and renewable energy consumption. We do this by offering renewable energy, specialized expertise, and innovative technological solutions that ensure customers industry-leading and environmentally friendly energy solutions. The company is part of Å Energi, a leading Norwegian hydropower group.

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German Entelios

As a pioneer in industrial load flexibility (demand response), we are now the leading provider of comprehensive flexibility marketing on all relevant short-term markets. We enable energy-intensive industry, utilities and clean-tech investors to participate in algorithmic intraday trading and control reserve markets, making them a driving force in the transition to a sustainable future.

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